Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Free Podcasts from National Geographic

The latest nature and science news, eye-opening photography, audio travel guides, classic video clips, world music coverage, and wild animal adventures with National Geographic's free podcasts.

National Geographic News
Listen to the week's top nature and science news, interviews with innovators, audio quizzes and a little feature we call Photos on the Radio.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 15-20 minutes

Traveler Magazine's Walks of a Lifetime
Narrated by radio and television travel authority Rudy Maxa, and written and selected by the editors of National Geographic Traveler, "50 Walks of a Lifetime" is a showcase of the world's greatest walking tours. From great urban explorations and country rambles to wilderness treks and perambulations in paradise, these are discoveries every traveler should make before hanging up their walking shoes.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 20-30 minutes

National Geographic World Talk
Interviews from around the globe with the world's most compelling scientists, explorers, photographers, and thinkers.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 15-18 minutes

Wild Chronicles (Video)
A voyage of discovery of our natural world with National Geographic researchers, adventurers and some innovative scientists who strap cameras on animals to see what happens.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 5-7 minutes

The Best of National Geographic Magazine
Explore Earth's deepest trench. Discover Africa on foot. Go inside your DNA. Get the best of 118 years of adventure, and meet the cultures and creatures that inhabit our globe in this series of podcasts, including our award-winning Sights & Sounds.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 7-10 minutes

Afropop Worldwide
National Geographic presents Afropop Worldwide, featuring lively and in-depth reportage on the music and culture of Africa and the Americas. Explore the transatlantic connections that link Brazil with Angola, Mali with Memphis, and Cuba with the Congo.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 6-12 minutes

National Geographic Video Shorts
Watch videos from National Geographic, including Mysteries of Lost Civilizations, the World's Most Unusual Foods, Extreme Healing, the World's Toughest Jobs, Spotlights of countries around the world, and more!
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 5 minutes

National Geographic's Atmosphere
National Geographic's Atmosphere gives you the ability to transform your home, work, or travel environment into an exotic ambient setting. It's not quite as cool as teletransporting, but it's close.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 5-20 minutes

World Music Spotlight (Video)
Meet the artists behind the music. Featuring one-on-one interviews with superstars from around the globe. From Brazilian crooners to Senegalese superstars and more, Spotlight lets the musicians speak for themselves.
Updates: Monthly
Duration: 3-7 minutes

World Music Profiles
Unearth the latest trends in world music, from Cuban ska to Cambodian rock. Featuring interviews and music, Profiles gives the stage to emerging artists from around the globe.
Updates: New every Friday
Duration: 3-5 minutes