Friday, October 06, 2006

Tourism: Snapshot of an Industry

  • Course Description:
    Historical overview and survey of the tourism and hospitality industry with emphasis on the travel market, delivery of hospitality services, professional roles, and emerging trends.

    • Course Objectives:
      To provide a broad understanding of travel and tourism as an holistic model of interrelated parts. As a result of this course, students will gain the necessary competency to:

      1. Discuss the significance of the phenomenon of travel and tourism in contemporary society;
      2. Relate how external constraints, determinants, and conditions have influenced the evolution and present characteristics of travel;
      3. Identify the various components of the travel and tourism industry;
      4. Differentiate the various types of tourism products;
      5. Define the basic management functions that relate to all tourism organizations;
      6. Demonstrate knowledge regarding the consequential aspects of tourism;
      7. Assess tourism development as it relates to individual locales;
      8. Identify and understand the role and importance of professional associations involved with tourism.

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Introduction to Tourism
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Destination Management
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Meetings and Events
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Tourism Research
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Sports Tourism and Management
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Tourism Policy, Planning and Development
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